Arabic Window

29 Jun

arabicpattern1 arabicpattern2

Acacia wood board measures 18″ x 12″

Painted area measures 6″ x 5″

This was all free hand painted with a really, really tiny brush.

Birds and Geometries

12 Sep

cosmicbird1small cosmicbird2small cosmicbird3small

A little different take on the usual birds. I did two versions of the 2nd one.

Midcentury Modern Chair

6 Sep



After binge watching the last season of Mad Men I was inspired to make a midcentury modern lounge chair. It’s made from solid oak with custom tweed cushions.

LOVE letters used for my brother’s wedding

16 Jul




Thanks to Steve Cowell ( for the awesome photos! If you’re having a wedding you should definitely use him.24




Mural by Skye Walker in Encinitas

16 Jul


Thanks to Paint Encinitas ( and artist Skye Walker (, we have a beautiful new mural just down the road from my house. Jax, who runs Paint Encinitas, was kind of enough to have me bring my LOVE letters down for the unveiling event. 

unnamed_copyScreen-shot-2014-07-06-at-10.00.30-AM unnamed unveiling-1024x790

Desk Made from Reclaimed Pallet Wood

16 Jul

table1table8 table7 table6 table5 table4  table2

Thanks Priscilla for the commission!

New Paintings at Pannikin During June

3 Jun


New Paintings at Pannikin in Leucadia

Custom Wood Letters

Some Pieces from a New Abstract Series

Bird with Wires



A Varied Assortment


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